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Chamar/Dalit SURNAME

Origins of the Chamar SurnameThere are no clear, concise answers to why or how one of your Chamar/Dalit ancestors took on the surname. It may have been based on their occupation or a distinguising physical trait. Keep in mind that it was not unusual for a last name to be altered as an ancestor entered a new country.Many of us still not bold enough to tell our caste to others, whereas most of our known are aware of our castes. I am one among them, many times I keep mum on the issue of castes. there are two reasons behind this , is  people attitude  towards chamar/dalit caste. Also, dalits are changing their surnames, so says a study by a senior official of Gujarat’s Social Welfare Department, highlighting the contemporary social reality in the State. The study by Hasmukh Parmar, a deputy director with the department, shows a maximum of 46.67 per cent respondents in the 30-40 years age bracket reporting a change of surname. Among reasons for the change, a high 30 percentage directly bla…