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Dalit in Media

Indian media wants Dalit news but not Dalit reportersCaste privilege and domination in newsrooms must end.
2 Jun 2017

Media in India is dominated by the upper castes, writes Mondal [Reuters/Jitendra Prakash]
Every effort was made last summer to keep the diversity project at the Asian College of Journalism (ACJ) a secret. But word had somehow gotten out a few days after classes started that some students had got special caste-based scholarships to study at the premier journalism school in Chennai where tuition and boarding are far from inexpensive. Many upper-caste students from middle-class backgrounds in the 2016-17 cohort were outraged. They started a whisper campaign against the project and called it "reverse casteism". As word spread, upper-caste middle-class alumni joined the hissing chorus accusing the institute's founders of being "fake communists" on a project to "inject Marxism, practise casteism and charge a bomb" from students.…