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Chamar/Dalit in Politics

Anandraj AmbedkarFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Anandraj Yashwant Ambedkar
Preceded byYashwantrao Bhimrao AmbedkarPersonal detailsBorn2 June 1967 (age 51)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, IndiaPolitical partyRepublican SenaSpouse(s)Manisha AmbedkarChildrenSahil
AmanAnandraj Yashwant Ambedkar (born 2 June 1967) is an Indian politician. He is the national leader of the Republican Sena political party. His supporters occupied the Indu Mill land at Dadar in 2011 to highlight the long-pending demand for a national memorial of B. R. Ambedkar.
Early life Anandraj Ambedkar is the grandson of B. R. Ambedkar and son of Yashwant Bhimrao Ambedkar. He is brother of Prakash Yashwant Ambedkar, a politician who leads Bharipa Bahujan Mahasangh..Vikas Chavan is the north Mumbai head of his party  Arjun Ram Meghwal I was born in a middle class family of Kismidesar Village (Bikaner) to Mr. Lakhu Ram Meghwal and Mrs. Heeradevi on 7 December 1954. I got my primary education from the Government school of our villa…