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Chamar/Dalit in Politics

SWAMI ACHHUTANAND  – “Poet,Dramatist,Historian,Propagandist,Social Reformer & Founder of Adi Hindu Movement” Born as ‘HiraLal’ on 6th May, 1879 at Saurikh,Farukhabad (U.P.) to Shri Moti Ram & Ram Piari.His family left the village due to caste discrimination by Brahmins & settled in Umari,Mainpuri.He belonged to family of armymen,his father & uncle Kaluram was in army following his another uncle Mathura Prasad & elder brother Bant Lal both arose to rank of Subedar in British Indian army.His father died when he was young & grownup by his uncle who sent him Nasirabad(Ajmer) for further education.But he discontinued his education due to financial distress.Till then he was well versed with working knowledge of eight Indian languages- Hindi, Sanskrit, Persian, Marathi, Bangla and Punjabi etc.He got married to Hira Bai & had 4 daughters,one of them was married to Mangal Singh Jatav of Gwalior (was Parliamentary secretary in MP govt.) He joined a group of s…