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DALIT in European Countries

“Aborigines of Australia, like Dalits,                               are victims of neglect” D. KARTHIKEYAN
Aborigines of Australia, like the Tribals and Dalits of India, are victims of neglect and callousness and dispossessed of their land and other means of livelihood by non-aboriginals. The community, especially the children, is in the midst of major problems, according to Howard Bath, Children's Commissioner, Northern Territory, Australia. A well-known clinical psychologist, 58-year-old Dr. Bath has a long history of providing consultancy, clinical and training services relating to the needs of disadvantaged children and young people. His particular clinical interests include work with young people who have experienced developmental trauma and those with problems around aggression and sexuality. He was in Madurai for a short trip to look at the programmes organised by Nanban, an organisation working among children hailing from marginalised sections of so…