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Chamar Saint : Guru Ghasi Das

Guru Ghasidas
“An advocate of the Satnami sect in the early 18th century.”
Born on December 18,1756 in Girodpuri, Raipur(Chattisgarh) to Mahngu Das and Amrotin Devi.He was Chamar by caste though he was very brilliant but denied for education due to his low caste origin.When British compelled Peshwa to sign on the second treaty and looted immense wealth from Chhattisgarh and sent it to Britain.He underwent the exploitative experiences specific to Dalit & Adivasis by Zamindars & Upper Caste Hindus which made him aware also about caste dicrimination in society.He then rebelled against them but British wanted to keep Ghasidas this revolution between low castes but he understood without homogeneity Chhattisgarh can’t be organized.He started an intellectual war against capitalism and colonialism.By the third decade of 18th century Ghasi Das’s movement became so intense that British had to leave and desi-shashan was restored between 1830-50.Then he tried to parallelise d…
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Business of Girl

Girls drugged into puberty, sold as prostitutesAn HT team uncovers the thriving prostitution racket in Sodavas and Girvas villages in Alwar.  Video
Preeti Choudhry Abhishek BhallaMay 27, 2010
Hundreds of girls are being kidnapped from across the country and brought to two villages in Rajasthan, where they are given injections to hasten their puberty and pushed into prostitution. WATCH VIDEO

Forced into puberty, prostitutionA Headlines Today team has uncovered the thriving prostitution racket in Sodavas and Girvas villages of the state's Alwar region. The team found that villagers were giving the girls - some of them as young as 10 - repeated and unregulated shots of growth hormone Oxytocin to speed up their sexual maturation.

"Gangs from the Bedia and Nutt communities kidnap girls, give them injections to make them reach puberty. The girls are then sent to Mumbai and even the Gulf for prostitution," said Rishi, a social activist in the area.

The kidnapped girls, s…

Devdasi Pratha

India’s ‘Temple Slaves’ Struggle to Break Free By Stella Paul 

Joginis dance outside a temple during a religious festival. Credit: Stella Paul/IPS NIZAMABAD, India, Jun 22 2014 (IPS) - At 32, Nalluri Poshani looks like an old woman. Squatting on the floor amidst piles of tobacco and tree leaves that she expertly transforms into ‘beedis’, a local cigarette, she tells IPS, “I feel dizzy. The tobacco gives me headaches and nausea.”
At the rate of two dollars for 1,000 cigarettes, she earns about 36 dollars a month. “I wish I could do some other job,” the young woman says longingly.
But no other jobs are open to her in the village of Vellpoor, located in the Nizamabad region of the southern Indian state of Telangana, because Poshani is no ordinary woman. She is a former jogini, which translates loosely as a ‘temple slave’, one of thousands of young Dalit girls who are dedicated at a very young age to the village deity named Yellamma, based on the belief that their presence in the…