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Dalit Beggers

Dalit Beggers
 poor Dalit farmer teaches corrupt cop an unforgettable lesson   By  Imran Khan
   Patna 30 Nov 2012

Posted 20-Jun-2012
Vol 3 Issue 24 Asked to pay a Rs.1,000 bribe, a landless Bihar farmer begged to differ. And he vented his ire by collecting alms and sending the amount to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar with the request it be paid to the corrupt police officer who had asked for it. Instead of cursing the system and his fate, Saurabh Kumar alias Chabila Paswan, a poor Dalit farmer in Vaishali district, about 40 km from here, gathered his family and begged on the streets to collect the bribe money. Paswan sent the money to the CM's office with the request that it be paid to the police official if "the law permits" The intrepid Paswan, his wife and children even slung placards around their necks to tell people why they were collecting money. "I was angry and frustrated after I ran from pillar to post to lodge a police complai…

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First of all know about caste

The word Caste, originates from the Portugese and Spanish Casta, meaning "race," "breed," or "lineage."  It was first applied to the jatis of Indian Society by the Portugese Travelers in the 16th Century.  This has a strong Racial base, Ethnic foundation and a Cultural bias.  Although, now the superstition and belief created by the Caste System appear to have started to deteriorate and change, the unjust social structure and unfair recognition of individuals groups and their contributions, that was created by the Castes is still very much in place, especially in Rural Areas.  There are about 3,000 jatis or Castes and more than 25,000 sub-Castes in India.  India's 3,000 Castes are grouped loosely into four varnas.

The word varna is Sankrit for colour, which later came to also mean classification and grouping.  The varnas or classes, traditionally determined the occupations of the P…