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Dalit work as Bonded Labour in All Indian cities and world

King Harishchandra also supports the fact the slavery
The following episode of King Harishchandra also supports the fact the slavery existed in ancient India. Once King Harishchandra of Ayodhya was going for a hunt in a forest near his capital. While moving in search of prey he heard a sharp cry for help and ran in that direction. To his dismay he found that he had rushed into the ashram of Sage Vishwamitra. At that time the Sage was in deep meditation and Harishchandra’s ill-timed appearance had disturbed Vishwamitra’ s meditation.
Opening his eyes he glared at Harishchandra and demanded the reason for his unwarranted incursion. On being told the reason, Vishwamitra ridiculed Harishchandra and said that the scream was the work of the spirits trying to disturb his meditation and Harishchandra had fallen a prey to the spirit and became its medium for disturbing Viswamitra’s meditation (Tapasya). Angry that he was, Viswamitra was about to curse Harishchandra, but the king begged for mercy…