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Saint Tukaram

  • Tukaram
  • Tukaram

    Sant Tukaram (1608--1650) was a prominent Varkari Sant and spiritual poet during a Bhakti movement in India. He was born and lived most of his life in Dehu, a town close to Pune city in Mahārāshtra, India. He was born to a couple with the family name "More"//the descendent of the Mourya Clan (Āmbile) and first names Bolhobā and Kanakāi.Through a tradition in India in bygone days, Tukaram's family name is rarely used in identifying him. His real name is Tukaram Vhilhoba Aambe. Sant Tukaram's first wife, Rakhumābāi, died of starvation, during a period of severe famine . While, his second wife constantly nagged him for not being able to properly support his family.SantTukaram and his second wife, Jijābāi (also known as Āvali), had three sons: Santu or Mahādev, Vithobā, and Nārāyan.
    Tukaram went into a severe depression. By the age of twenty-one, he had lost all the hopes in life and was at the threshold of death. At this point of time, he had a dream, in which one Babaji Chaitanya initiated him into the spiritual path. That particular moment changed his destiny and he started his journey as one of the best poet saints of the country.

    Sant Tukaram was a devotee of god Vitthala or Vithoba, a form of Krishna. A great saint who lived only for his God vittala. He faced varieties of difficulties with astonishing patience. He refused diamonds and opals offered by Shivaji Maharaj himself. His devotional songs are an invaluable contribution to Marathi spiritual literature. He is arguably the greatest poet in the Marathi language. Tukaram's genius partly lies in his ability to transform the external world into its spiritual analogue. Tukaram's stature in Marathi literature.According to Gaudiya Vaishnavas, Sant Tukaram was initiated and was a disciple of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. Sant Tukaram is said to have received guru-mantra containing names of Krishna, Rama and Radha - at the hands or by the media of a dream, of Chaitanya The Gatha of Sant Tukaram confirms this claim in a verse that clearly states that "the mantra "Jai Jai Ram Krishna Hari" was given to me by "Chaitanya Baba" in my dreams". There is also a reference in the Gaudiya spiritual literature which mentions that when Chaitanya Mahaprabhu went to the city of Pandharpur to search for his brother who had taken Sannyassa, a young man named Tukaram helped him in the search. This young man named Tukaram is likely to be the same Saint Tukaram the world knows.

    Like Namdev, Janabai, and Eknath, Tukaram wrote in archaic Marathi a large number of devotional poems identified in Marathi as abhang (अभंग). A collection of 4,500 abhang known as the Gāthā is attributed to Tukaram. Mantra Geetā, a Marathi translation in abhang form of the Sanskrit Bhagavad Geeta, is also attributed to him. It is an interpretation of Geeta from a Bhakti (भक्ती) --devotional—perspective.

    Namdev as Guru
    Saint Tukarm accepted Sant Namdev as his Guru. One of his abhanga is proof for this.[नामदेवे केले स्वप्नामाजी जागे....सवे पांडुरंगे येवूनिया.]Namdev gave knowledge, who came along with Lord Vitthal in Dream of Tukaram.

    Sant Tukaram Proceeding to Vaikunta (Known Miracles)
    Lord Krishna tells Arjuna that "He who leaves the body and departs (from this world) with his mind fixed on Me during the last moments (of his life) attains to Me without doubt". 

    Srimad Bhagavadgita 8:5
    अन्तकाले च मामेव स्मरन्मुक्त्वा कलेवरम् ।
    य: प्रयाति स मद्भावं याति नास्त्यत्र संशय: ।।

    Tukaram's final day is well documented by eye witness accounts. He informed his wife early in the day about going to Vaikuntha(heaven). His wife laughed at him. He went up the hillock and waited for Vithoba. By that time, news had spread around Dehu and people had gathered around the hillock, waiting for the divine event. As per eye witness accounts, a large vehicle emerged from the skies and Vithoba emerged from the flying plane. Eyewitnesses rushed to Tukaram's home and informed his wife that Tukaram was on his way to 'Vaikuntha' - the abode of Gods. His wife ran toward the hills, only to see him take off in the Viman (Flying plane). To this day, devotees gather at the hillock and sing his praises.

    Sant Tukaram the peak of the sect Warkari not only in literature but also around the world, their place is exceptional. English language have been translated into their unbroken. His poetry and literature is a wealth of gems. That is why today, even after hundreds of years they fit directly into the minds of the common man.

    How to play the worldly saint made a common man, as well as being born in any race or religion Atmvicas on the strength of fervent devotion and virtue can be mastered. It was to build confidence in the minds of the common man, ie Tukoba Sant Tukaram.

    Your thoughts, wishes to align their conduct and their life meaningful, fulfilling his speech Tukaram the public how to live forever, that inspire.

    Had lost their faith in life. Any support that they desperately needed, was not a mere plebeian. He gave his whole weight on Padurng asleep and started practicing while his master were not any at that time.

    He Vittal (Vishnu)'s traditional devotion to taking care of unbroken devotion composed by Namdeo. Regardless of worldly attachment Tukaram said about leaving, but do not worldliness, never said that. To be fair, not any talk of leaving worldly saint. Conversely Sant Namdev, Eknath played the right way to organize worldliness.

     He laid the foundation of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra. 

    Dilip Purushottam Chitre, a well known Marathi Scholar, identifies Tukaram as the first modern poet of Marathi. Chitre believes that Tukaram was the first acceptable saint who denied caste hierarchy in Hindu religion and attacked rituals present in Hindu Dharma.

    Teachings of Sant Tukaram           
    An individual should make God the center of his universe. Serving others and loving others is the best way through which we can find Him.

    • For the attainment of sadhana, an individual needs to have faith in his/her destiny.
    • It is not necessary to renounce the world and lead the life of an ascetic in order to be one with God. Spirituality does not require elaborate rituals.
    • Nama Japa (reciting the name of Lord) is the most important privilege of being a devotee.
    • Siddhis serve as impediments in the attainment of genuine sadhana (meditation).
    • Traditions prevent an individual from budding in the love of God. One has to sidestep the usual customs to achieve the same.


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