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Dalit Rishi Maharishi Shambook

Maharishi Shambook Burnaby :( News Bureau):- The Maharishi Shambook Memorial Day was observed on Sunday, November 11, 2007 by Chetna Association of Canada. The function was held at the Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Hall Gilley AVE Burnaby. The painting (by Artist Shital Anmol) depicting Rama in anger at Maharishi Shambook just prior tp killing him was unveiled by Chanchal Mall of Golden, BC. After viewing the film Teesari Azadi, several participants discussed the importance of hosting events with the ultimate goal of creating caste-free societies. Participants also appreciated Maharishi Valmiki Ji for giving a granth that gives a true picture of the Ram Raj- a raj that served imnterests of only the upper classes.
The oldest mention of Shambuka occurs in the Ramayana of Valmiki. It is found in the last book of the epicUttara Kanda which is believed a later addition to Ramayana as it contains many later social issues like casteism, Sita's abandonment etc. After Lord Rama ret…