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Punishment : Being Dalit

Being Untouchable - Indian Dalits As home to one in six of the world's population, with a highly complex ethnic make-up, 1,600 languages, a third of the world's poor, 43% of its children under-nourished, and the fourth largest number of billionaires in the world, India confounds all expectations. 
But India enjoys a rising global profile, and with that comes heightened responsibilities. The big ideas of our times, from global development goals, to environmental protection, to human rights, will succeed or fail based on how countries of India's stature deal with them. 
We all have a stake in India. That is why we must not ignore one of the largest global scandals of all, which persists within its borders, and which fuels exploitation and poverty - a pervasive social hierarchy based on birth, which treats 167 million people as outcasts. 
These are the Dalits. If a group of 100 people represented the population of the world, five would be Americans, three would be Indian Dalits. …