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Punishment : Being Dalit

A Dalit student in Delhi? Hide your surname - Brutal assault by upper-caste landlord on research scholar blows lid off capital's can of worms Read more below By ANANYA SENGUPTA in Delhi Published 6.05.08 New Delhi, May 5: Kanaklata had been fighting to keep her Dalit identity in the dark since moving to the capital eight years ago.

She lost her battle on Saturday when she, her siblings and a friend were brutally beaten up by her landlord and his wife because they did not like their caste.

Kanaklata’s last name is Rani, but the 30-year-old doing her MPhil in Hindi literature from Delhi University had to keep it under wraps to get a roof over her head.

“We hid the fact that we were Dalits because we knew that if we reveal our caste, there won’t be a street in Delhi where people will let us stay. Initially, we hadn’t taken the trouble of hiding our caste, but when for months we didn’t get a place to stay, we decided we had no other option,” Kanaklata said.

Om Prakash Grover, in …